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How to troubleshoot SMS/Call delivery issue?

posted this on April 19, 2012, 17:45

Here are the steps to troubleshoot SMS/Text Delivery Issue.

1. SMS/Text and Call alerts are add-on services and requires credits to be purchased. Go to SETTINGS --> MY MEMBERSHIP --> BUY CREDITS and check number of credits in your account. If you have purchased credit and it is not reflecting in your account then please email us at

2. We will never send SMS/Text or Call alert to a unverified mobile number. So make sure that you Mobile number in admin area is verified. Same for Staff but clients will get alerts regardless of their mobile status. 

3. Check if your setting is set to send SMS/Call Alerts from SETTINGS --> BOOKING RULES section.

4. Check "Alert Report"  from REPORTS --> ALERT REPORTS and see if Appointy has send notifications.

5. Still if the SMS are not delivering then please email us at with the appointment details for which the SMS was not delivered and we will investigate it for you. 

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